Cambucá Project

Cambucazeiro, Plinia edulis (Vell.) Sobral (Myrtaceae), is a fruit tree native to the Atlantic Forest, today extremely rare, with a high risk of extinction. It produces a large, yellow fruit (the cambucá) attached directly to the stem, like jabuticabas, but larger and sweeter. Its fruit was much appreciated and popularly known, but deforestation and urbanization drastically reduced its populations.

This project aims to promote the rescue of the use of cambucá as a valuable plant due to the importance of its ecological and social functions, such as the consumption of its fruit and the use of its leaves and bark as popular medicines. We intend to promote the production and distribution of seedlings, selection of seed trees, increase of natural and cultivated populations in conservation units, agroforestry systems and ecological restoration projets.

Actions during 2022:

Maping trees (Clésio Cardoso)

Documentary production (Mari Cleven)

Fruit and seed colections (Clésio Cardoso and Diego Vieria)

Environmental education in Laguna fundamental school (Diego Vieira)

Seedling production (Diego Vieria, Arthur Magnani, Fernando Joner)

1200 planted seeds

Nutritional studys (Carmen Müller and students*)

Seed germination studies (Neusa Steiner and Clésio Vieira)