SEMINÁRIOS ABERTOS a Externos, Graduação e Pós!
Quinta-feira, 18-19h na sala PGA107 no prédio da Fitotecnia/Agroecossistemas/RGV, ou conforme indicado abaixo.
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Date Title Presenter Name PPG & other affiliations (where applicable)
15/03 Timber Production in Secondary Forests of the Brazilian Mata Atlântica Prof. Dr. A.C. Fantini PPG in Agroecosystems, UFSC
22/03 Agroecological Agroforestry’s Contributions to People:
Beyond Ecosystem Services
Hanna Ramella Schuler
Postgraduate Program in Agroecosystems – UFSC &
Agroecological Agroforestry Network of Southern Brazil (Rede SAFAS)
29/03 From Protest to Policy: Getting to Food Sovereignty in the Americas Prof. Hannah Wittman
[poster em PDF]
Center for Sustainable Food Systems, The University of British Columbia, Canada
05/04 tba [Re: Three-dimensional visualization through FabLab applicable to diverse fields of knowledge] Prof. Dr. Regiane Pupo PPG in Architecture & Urbanism (PósARQ); Dept. of Graphic Expression, UFSC
12/04 Temporary housing made from recycled paper tubes: a comparative study of housing “Paper log house” and its adaptations to different contexts. Luana Toralles Carbonari PPG in Architecture & Urbanism (PósARQ), UFSC
19/04 Current and future distribution of stingless bees in Brazil: identifying potential threats to species conservation  Valdeir Lima


PPG in Plant Genetic Resources, UFSC
26/04 Configurational characteristics of sociospatial segregation in Brazilian cities Timóteo Schroeder PPG in Architecture & Urbanism (PósARQ), UFSC
03/05 Size as a master trait for plankton communities: copepod size spectra in the South Atlantic Ocean Érica Caroline Becker Crustaceans and Plankton Lab, PPG in Ecology (POSECO), UFSC
10/05 Impacts of the use of swine manure on the chemical and physical attributes of soil Guilherme Wilbert Ferreira PPG in Agroecosystems, UFSC
17/05 Analysis and trends of port development: an integrated coastal management challenge. Francisco A. da Veiga Lima Integrated Coastal Management Lab, PPG in Geography, UFSC
24/05 Modelling the future clime of Santa Catarina Danilo Couto de Souza Laboratory of Climate and Metereology, PPG in Oceanography, UFSC
07/06 Biotechnological processes using algae: First steps Thaís Massocato PPG in Biotechnology, UFSC
14/06 Coastal erosion at the praial arch of Rio Tavares- Campeche Gabriel de Oliveira Gomes PPG in Oceanography, UFSC
21/06 Foraminifera Paleoecological Reconstruction from South Atlantic Beatriz Fernandes de Barros Bomfim Santana PPG in Oceanography, UFSC
28/06 tba
Este seminário regular faz parte da matéria “Comunicação Científica Oral em Inglês” ministrada pelo Prof. Ilyas Siddique nos PPGs em Agroecossistemas e Recursos Genéticos Vegetais.